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Sound Designer Looking for a Team

A topic by skyleray created 89 days ago Views: 46 Replies: 3
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Hello! I’m a sound designer and composer looking to join a team or help with the audio. I can help with everything from music to SFX and dialogue. I’m certified in Wwise and Unity integration, as well as experienced with Unreal Engine 4 and FMOD Studio so I can also help with the audio implementation if needed. You can check my link below for some samples and previous projects. 

Thanks so much!

Discord: skyler_ray#9418

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Hi! I'm a graphics designer and a programmer and I could use someone to help with sounds and music.   I use godot for my game and I basically have the main mechanic done. Do you want to team up? :D

Discord: Wh4I3#1167 (I would recommend copying it because the l is a captial i)

Happy to help it your still interested:)

I am :)