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Screenshot of a tweet about the Apple vs Epic court case where an Epic employee says that games with sexual content on itch are "so offensive we cannot speak about them".

Screenshot of another tweet where the same guy says he "does not support sexualized content of any kind".

Screenshot of a tweet by the official itch i o account joking that they're renaming the sexual content section to "unspeakable games".

This jam is for your unspeakable games. Your games that Steve Allison would not support. Old and new content are both fine.

Caveats: no fascists, no pedophiles.

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This game is horny for drones, robots, mind/body control, and THE FUTURE.
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A solo game about a witch trying to bring back their dead lover through necromancy.
The Queen is dead; what's next?
A spell guide localised for modern peoples.
A LARP of Gods, Intimacy, & Sexuality.
Unspeakably lewd game/interactive shitpost. Don't play this
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Impact the clothing situation with this puzzle """game"""
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An Erotic LARP about Smut in a Courtroom Setting
A 2-player game about a vampire, their would-be lover, and the tragedy of their love.
A micro poetry zine and poster
It is what it is