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Preferred Engine for GBJam?

A topic by wanderergames created Sep 03, 2017 Views: 257 Replies: 4
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Hey all,

Been considering joining up, but having difficulty finding the right engine. I tried to use Unity the last go-round, but work was competing for time and getting Unity to like the resolution without bleeding pixels was a bit of a hassle. I'm thinking GameMaker 2 might be a more appropriately-sized engine for something like this.

What did you go with and why?


If your idea is to make a 2D game, yeah, go on GM or Construct or another easy-to-code engine. They are made for tiny games and testing, so i think that they'll fit perfectly for that job! :)


I use Construct 2 for my entry :)

Gamemaker is an excellent choice for game jams.


A lot of folks use game maker. I'm using it unity myself with the retro pixel plugin in.