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Welcome to the Unconventional Incremental Game Jam!

Incremental Game - Upgrade-style game mostly comprised of waiting, idle game, Cookie Clicker.

We've seen it before. You click the game, and it's the same "click the button on the left, buy the upgrades on the right, repeat" structure that every other idle game has. Let's be honest - it gets bland after a while.

So, your task for this jam is to create an idle game that deviates from this structure. Add extra objectives, merge the genre with something else - whatever you want. Just make it stand out from the crowd, something new, and overall, something INTERESTING!

This jam will run for a week, in order to give time for balancing and last-minute ideas. Be sure to upload your game before midnight (GMT) on Friday 24th!

Good luck, have fun!

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A short demo game where you click to fight for loot and gold.
Role Playing
Idle clicker with a hint of thinking for the Unconventional Incremental Game Jam
It's a simple clicker game with an save/load option
A clicker game with a twist.