Submissions open from 2021-02-01 08:00:00 to 2021-05-01 06:59:59
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This is a hobbyist game jam. You have a full quarter of a year to complete your project. You can take a week off of work and do it in a week of concentrated effort, or you can spread it out over nights and weekends. Or a combo of both.

As a hobbyist game jam, you get to define what success means for you! The jam is a vehicle to encourage positivity and productivity. Pick something that interests you, but we suggest you keep the scope of your game quite small.

Some ideas are:

  1. a small game,
  2. or overhauling a game you already have, such as adding a major new feature.

The framework you should be working on is spending "innovation tokens." If you're brand new to game dev, then getting something working in Unity3D may be spending an innovation token for you. If you're a battle-scarred veteran developer, diving into Rust and wgpu-rs may be spending your innovation token. Consider that you really only have one token to spend per team member, up to three tokens, so choose wisely!


  1. Only one entry per team. Focus on finishing what you start!
  2. Forming a team and having help is encouraged.
  3. All entries should be substantially your original creation. Entries may use publicly available libraries, frameworks, engines, artwork, audio, and other resources as part of their projects. However, (a) such use must be acknowledged in the game's credits (b) the entry should have substantial original material apart from such public content.
  4. Entries must be playable in one of several forms:
    1. Mac App (preferred - we are a Mac Gamedev Community, after all). Your entry must be in a "double-clickable" form (.app) and must run on a fresh install of Mac OS X 10.15 without requiring the installation of any libraries, frameworks, or plugins.
    2. Linux App. We suggest FlatPack for packaging your app.
    3. Windows App. Provide a ZIP file.
    4. Web. If it doesn't work on Firefox expect no traction 'round these parts.
  5. The game jam is not a direct marketing vehicle. The final product submitted at the end of the jam is free as in beer in perpetuity. If you want to sell your game later, or are modifying your existing commercial game, we suggest submitting a nice demo rather than the whole game.
  6. All entries may supply a written postmortem by the end of of the Jam. This is highly encouraged even if you fail your original goal. You should learn from this experience, and we want to learn with you.