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It's summer time Slugs, that means it is time for more jams! Can you believe it's been a whole year since our first jam!? It almost feels like we were just here...




The theme for this jam is Deja VuThe theme will be announced at the start of the jam!   




  • You don't need to be a slug to jam!!! While it's organized by UCSC Games Alumni, anyone and everyone is welcome to make games with us!
  • This is a 2 day jam, from from 5PM Friday, 7/23 to 5PM Sunday, 7/25.
  • Any tools / engines are welcome!
  • No limits on team size!
  • No ratings! This jam is an opportunity to practice and make cool stuff, so we don't want to confuse that idea by doing rankings, awards, etc.




Can I do a *insert genre here* game?

  • Yes! We try to choose our themes in such a way so that you can make any game you want.

Does my game have to follow a certain format?

  • No! You can make any style of game that you want in the time limit.

Does my game have to be good/polished?

  • Nope! Feel free to turn in whatever you're able to complete and work on it in the future.

Banner Image and Sticker Artist: Jennifer Honeywell, Linkedin


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Drift through an endless eurobeat wonderland in Initial Drift!
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noot noot endless runner
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Hack through the Nurikabe Grids before time runs out.
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UCSC Alumni Game Jam July '21
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Catch the robbers!