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That's right, UBC Anime Club is hosting it's very own Game Jam!

Whether you're into VNs, RPGs, or eccentric action games about blindfolded androids, here's your chance to take that love and make something of your own.

This Game Jam will be running for a whole month, with optional milestones and many diversifiers to get your creative juices flowing. The theme of this Game Jam will be the Seven Deadly Sins! Make a game based on any of the Seven Deadly Sins or their counterparts in the Seven Virtues.


Beat the GameMusic influences the Gameplay
Da VinciCreate all assets in-team, including audio
Un-isekaiUse real life assets (photographs + videos)
UBCANI Go Use real life data to affect your game
No Runes Language Agnostic (No text or spoken language)
Enhance!Progression/Gameplay affects Visual Presentation
Just MonikaUse device metadata to break the 4th wall
NintendedIntegrate taking breaks into the game
Tricurious Use at most three colours (no shades)
Ramen CakeCombine two very different Genres together
iHealthBarUse a Diegetic (In world) UI
Swiss Army Button  Each action has multiple uses (Splatoon, Downwell)
Crossover Use characters from Black Lotus Anthology Project
On The Clock Have a time system in the game that affects game play.

Milestones (Optional, but suggested):

  • FEB 08: Kick-off, Start
       - Plan and assign tasks
  • FEB 15: Vertical Slice milestone
       - A working proof-of-concept section of gameplay
       - Test the vertical slice, plan for the rest
  • MAR 01: Feature Complete
       - Every gameplay feature should be finished
       - Work on finalizing assets and fixing bugs
  • MAR 08: Game is Due
  • MAR 15: Presentations and Raffles


  • Start from scratch as much as you can
  • No copyrighted material (Be Creative!)
  • No Nudity or Adult Content
  • Have fun!

UBC Ani Discord:
Game Engines
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