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Composer/SFX person looking for a team

A topic by mguitars created Jan 28, 2019 Views: 210 Replies: 7
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Hey there! Just looking for people to jam with. I specialize in chiptune stuff, but I'm also pretty versatile.

Here's some of my more polished stuff:

I also release one new song/sketch every day here (usually written on a Gameboy):


Cool! Have you checked the Crowdforge?

I will! Thanks!


You have some seriously cool music going on there. I'm not entirely sure I will be actually able to finish a game for this jam but would certainly appreciate having your tunes there. If you're interested, have a look at my typically pixel art games and see if you find them matching your style.

awesome! I'd love to jam with you! If you don't have time for this one, please feel free to contact me for future jams (tho I'm a bit slow on here so maybe email me


Great! Do you have any other quick contact? Like twitter or so, where messaging would be possible? If so, please PM me at @Securas2010.


Hello! If you're still looking to join a team for this Jam, we have a team of 2-3 right now that could use a composer's help! Here's the link to our team on CrowdForge:

Lemme know if you have any questions/are interested!

ahhh sorry I just got this now and I see that you're good for sound. Thanks for asking and good luck with the jam!