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Children of DanuView game page

A Procedurally-Generated Turn-Based Adventure
Submitted by Louis Dutton — 4 hours, 10 minutes before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#43.9173.917

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That was very cool! Gives me Final Fantasy Tactics vibes which is always a good thing!


This was a lot of strategic fun! I wish I was able to move the camera around the battlefield more, so I can see exact enemy placements, otherwise a really solid entry!


thanks for the feedback, I'll get working on that camera!


This is an awesome start to a turn-based RPG! The movement, controls, and rounds all feel nice and polished! Battling is fun, and I played quite a few rounds. A little thing I loved is how the levels all "bounce" into place at the start of each round.

The main thing that I'd like to see improved if you keep going with this is more variety and build up. Currently it's a little repetitive, and though the graphic look is nice and clean, I'd probably like to see a little more detail in the environments. Another thing that might keep me playing is a story or some other goal, rather than just endless levels. 

Many of my critiques can be fixed with more time... so overall I'd say this is a very successful jam entry. Great job!


Thanks for the feedback! After some minor cleanup, the first thing I'm going to be working on is variety & progression :)


You've got a mighty fine-looking prototype right now, and I have a couple suggestions on ways you could expand it :)

  • The randomly generated levels are nice, but they're a little too random right now. After getting a few levels that seemed like they were amping up in difficulty, I got three levels in a row with just one rat that was the lowest level (can be taken out in one shot with the fireball). I think it would be cool if you added parameters to your generator (such as number of enemies or overall power of enemies) so that you can make the game progressively get more difficult. Then, the number of levels you beat can be part of a high score system.
  • Better yet, you could add a survival-type mode where you don't heal (maybe every 5 levels or something as milestones) or get back your mana between levels. This would force players to consider alternate strategies than just using the fireball as soon as they can. (this could give high scores)
  • The AI seems to only track the wizard, except in the situation where they are already in striking distance of the knight. AI is hard for sure, so I don't fault you for this at all. It does make the game feel strange that a rat, instead of fighting through the tough knight to break your defenses would go around the problem which leaves it open for shots from the wizard for two turns or something.
  • It might also be interesting to add in rats that are resistant to a damage type (physical vs magical) to force the player to consider more about which character to use and where to place them. In most of my strategy right now, I just use the knight to block pathing and do all the damage from the wizard.
  • You probably already thought of this, but I feel the Knight could use more abilities. It feels very limited in what the strategy of the knight could be. An ability that might be interesting could be a defensive stance which reduces damage next round but also reduces your movement (next round) or something to give more trade offs, etc.

Sorry if that was a little too much feedback... I can get carried away sometimes :P. Hope to see more from you :)


Thank you for the extensive feedback. I really appreciate it and I'll take it into consideration when I continue working on the project!


Very nice!