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Calling all artists of the tabletop RPG community! Your art deserves to be seen. Every day you post artwork and yet only a handful of images make their way into games.

Let's change that. Let's unleash this art. 

But how? 

A coloring book. Yep, a coloring book. 

Think about it. One page after another of  dungeon dwellers, heroic feats, sacred swords, mythical beasts and fanciful vistas.

 A wondrous book that piles on in the best way possible, voted on by the community. 

Why a coloring book?

The pandemic has rightly highlighted mental health. Coloring relieves stress. Coloring provides a creative outlet. Coloring introduces fantastic images to new audiences. Coloring inspires. The more new folks we can introduce to this incredible community, the better! 


  • Submit an original piece of artwork that can be colored in using traditional coloring methods like crayons, colored pencils or oil pastels.
  • Submitting artwork requires that piece to have its own project page on Itch, feel free to keep those pages to a minimum since voting will occur on the Jam page. Remember, the cover image shows up while people are voting.
  • Artwork does not need to be new, feel free to submit a previous piece.
  • Art must fit on a  single 8.5" x 11" inch piece of paper.
  • This is an adult coloring book; scary, grimdark, apocalyptic, violent, horror, and disturbing imagery is permitted.
  • No hate, racist, or sexually violent images will be accepted. The admins of the Jam have full authority to deem what  falls within this category.
  • Limit of 2 submissions per artist.
  • Not all submissions will be selected.

What happens at the end of the Jam?

The final selected artwork, up to 50 pieces, will be compiled into a digital book for purchase on Itch. 50 percent of profits from all sales will be split between the artists. For example, if there are 50 pieces selected, each will receive 1 percent of profits. Artists who manage to get two pieces selected will get paid for each piece. The remaining 50 percent goes to the Jam host for organizing, marketing, working with printers and managing invoicing/royalties.

Future Vision

This Jam is modeled after Long Tail Games' Tiny Library

The future vision is to collect entries and launch a Kickstarter to produce a commercially available TTRPG coloring book.  If transitioned to a Kickstarter profits will continue to be allocated to selected artists and organizers with an additional stipend for selected cover art.

This is my first Jam, so shout out if I am doing this horribly wrong.


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A fantastical colouring page and free stock illustration for your games.
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Lineart of my illustration so you can color it as you please! But be careful... something dangerous lurks in the swamp.
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A printable coloring page of a friendly treasure chest. Guaranteed not to bite.
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A submission for the TTRPG Coloring Book jam.
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A wizard studying in her tower!
page for the TTRPG colouring book jam!
Wizard preparing his daily spells
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A wall of dices, waiting to roll!
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Fear this mysterious, tiger-headed fiend!
Art submission for the TTRPG coloring book project hosted by JoyPeddler Games and Brooklet Games
Art submission for the TTRPG coloring book project hosted by JoyPeddler Games and Brooklet Games
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