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        - Bigger on the Inside than the Outside

        - Rainbows

        - Sharks

Hey there!

This is a one week themed game jam. It will run from March 10 at noon to March 17 at noon. 

What do you mean by Triple Flavor?

In this game jam, three themes will be chosen. Base your game around these themes and have some fun!

So, what are the themes?

The themes will be announced at the start of the jam. Here is an example of some themes:

        - Pool

        - Holiday

        - Jungle

As you can see, the themes could be widely varied. Be prepared to branch out and get creative!

Anything more?

- Use any game engine you want! Teams are allowed!

- Submit your game preferably for Web and Windows, but other platforms are allowed.

- All content must be appropriate for younger players.

I have more questions!

Please ask your questions in the Community section!

Or, you could contact me at:

Have fun making games!   :)

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Sharks in a fish tank?!