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This month's Bitsy jam has the theme "Traintracks"! This is the 6th monthly #bitsyjam - to participate just create a game (of any size) using Bitsy with the theme "Traintracks."


The theme is "Traintracks" but you can interpret it however you want! You can make it the central to your game, or just a tiny reference.

  • Make a game about taking a trip on a train
  • Or waiting to pick someone up at the train station
  • Or hanging out with friends by the tracks
  • ... Or whatever you want!

So tell me more about "Bitsy"

Bitsy is a little editor for little worlds or games. You can use it to make a game in your browser just by drawing it! If you want to see games people have made with Bitsy, there's a big list of the games here on There is also a forum where you can ask questions or make suggestions!

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a purgatory of forlorn memories
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Time and space to think
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infrared gardening
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scenes from the train window
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beyond the tunnel beyond
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Interactive Fiction
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A small game for the Train-tracks Bitsyjam
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A Small Train's Adventure
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Trying to have a nice time on a train? TOO BAD, there has been a murder!
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Holidays are over, time to go back. Just a little train ride.
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The rails lead nowhere... A quick detour in game making.
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You gotta catch that train
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