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The Stories Podcast game for telling epic tales together!
Submitted by Luck Of Legends (Michael Low) (@lucklegends) — 13 hours, 1 minute before the deadline
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Front and reverse of a single page

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Pretty, lovely and well thought

Could be great just before another game/page with a lot of sweet kid-friendly prompts (hope there will be one!)


Thank you so much!  This is the SRD, and the story prompts and play-through/color-through/read-aloud adventures?  They're up at, alongside Actual Plays by the crew!  The first Chapter (1 & 2 are up, 3 is in the works) is PWYW, so feel free to grab a free copy and print, color, and play - and if you do, PLEASE let me know what you think?


oh cool! Thanks for the links! 


What an absolute delight!

Gorgeous and approachable design (although I have to admit I don't quite get the kinks in the lines for prompts on the character sheet 😅).

The rules read in a way that clearly respect and cater to their younger audience but are still ”earnest“ enough to be used by players of any age and possibly in any setting.

I definitely see myself pulling this one out when trying to introduce friends who are new to roleplaying.


This made my day!  I've been running this system for kids for over two years, and there are bits I couldn't include, but it's definitely a labor of love - intuitive play, story first, and collaborative agency are the primary goals. I'll have to re-format for the jam (it's designed to be print n' play, so A5 is going to be a mission for me!), so I'll take any layout advice.

Truly made my day - thank you!



I'd assume your layout is already set up very well insofar as the white background should make it easy to fit the existing pages cleanly onto A5.
Still, I'm excited to see what changes you'll make for the version that makes it into the final book ^^


Lovely set of rules! I particularly like the seamless addition of safety rules and the story-path style of the character creation process.


Cheers!  The monthly chapters at add in zero-prep, coloring-book activities, and writing activities to keep kids learning.  Would love to hear your thoughts - Chapter 1 is PWYW!


This looks awesome ! Can't wait to try it :) 

I cannot promise anything, but if I ever translate it to French, would you be interested ? I am not a professional translator, but I am bilingual and French is my first language.


We’d LOVE it! That’s SO kind of you!

If you’re interested, check out the first chapter of the monthly releases of Starsworn on, too - it’s free to print n play, and might give you a sense of the larger project we’re working on. 

And hi! Nice to - digitally - meet you!


I will check it out ! Thank you ! 


I can't wait until MiniNewt is old enough to play this! I'm curious though how well this would fit on a single A5 page.


It's not too hard - Steph has played it with her 3 year old and it went swimmingly!  The key is the downloadable Chapters and just asking your kid questions - littles tend to love the coloring-book illustrations in the print n' play (and the accompanying AP podcasts are great, too!).
I haven't laid it out for A5, yet, but would love to.  It's a very minimal version of a slightly more complex engine, which is what I use in my educational classes (the full version includes "Drama Clocks," "Story Points" earned by writing that allow for development, and "Special Abilities" that allow certain rolls to be improved once per game).


This game is an absolutely delightful way to get kids into roleplaying games. It's smart design with a perspective and a purpose. Absolutely should be in the collection.