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Theme: "Let it snow!" 


Limitation: "Monochrome colors" 

You can choose if you want to use a limitation or a theme, but I recommend using one of them ;D


Why am I here... ?

Because you probably found this jam interesting! So STOP THERE! Don't you dare stop reading, cause your life is depending on this! 

If you are a game developer, continue reading, if you're not, then, umm, continue reading, I will find another solution for you... 

This is a game jam/artist contest, where you get three days to make a game/image, following a certain theme, and limitation! 

Starting three days before Christmas, it'll last three days, where you get to make something AWESOME, fitting the theme,and/ or limitation! 

Game developers read "FOR GAME DEVS", others, read "NOT A GAME DEV?"


You are a game dev, and you make games. If this is your first jam, or not, I don't care, do your best and make something AWESOME! I know you can do it! 

Check out the important stuff to read, down below, and start thinking of a project to make! 


Ahh, once I were neither a game developer, but it is easy to become one! But this is for something else, specifically a artist contest! 

In the Discord server( you can submit an image(either a drawing, a nice picture, a 3D model, VFX) basically, just something awesome, and original, that you can submit as a .jpg, or .png. If you have something else, like a full 3D model,  YT video, just a video, anything like that, ask me(or other admins/mods) for permission, and I will see if it can get into the submissions!

Just important stuff to read I guess?

DON'T BE OFFENSIVE! it is Christmas...

If any submissions are BEFORE THE START DATE, then u have to go through me to submit it...

You are free to use any sprites you want. It can be pre-made, it can be found online, just don't make the game before the jam starts.

You can use ANY game engine you want, as long as you can submit the game, and it doesn't require others to have it too.

Follow the rules. duh...

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Have fun simulating your way through this sandbox game!
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A pvp snowbattle for a game jam
but don't fall down!
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A pvp snowbattle for a game jam.
This is a calm and chill game where you have to dodge snowflakes and collect coins.
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