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INSPIRATIONAL MATERIAL to Spark Up Your Jam Inspiration Sticky

A topic by KrisseAappenaTuominen created 86 days ago Views: 224
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This hopefully is a list that sparks your imagination

I shall update this here and then. Feel free to reply with a link that you feel it somehow connects with the theme of the jam.

  • You are an Island art piece by Alicia Eggert

  • This a very interesting and a bit adventurous review of Lost Island. Lost Island is a book by Preston & Child -writer duo.

  • This Island Earth is an interesting low-fidelity science fiction movie

  • We all are Prisoners of this Remote Island Known as The Village RPG

  • Very Interesting text about a tiny Welsh Island, which is Europe's first Dark Sky Sanctuary

  • Periplo aka The Journey is a Cool and very minimal nano-RPG made only with 12 words...

  • Our Little Island is a very nice simple game

  • Paradisia Island is great RPG material... Check it out!

  • Monster Island (2019) is a total b-movie exploitation over-the-top flick

  • The Monster from this Island is a random generator tool for making monsters and islands and island monsters

  • Monster Island (2004) is a b-flick located on the Bermuda Triangle, starring Carmen Electra.

  •  Dino Island -The Four Crystals is a very interesting game... I mean, dinosaurs and Islands. It jus IS Cool <3

  • Carpe Diem, Carp Briem! RPG

  • Everything is Going to Crab is a hilarious mini-RPG

  • Monster Island (2017) is a family-friendly cartoon movie about finding your roots on Monster Island

  • Paint the Move: an article about Lynchianism

  • The Stalker Game Review: Welcome to the retro-future!

  •  Deep Trouble in Oldport Bay is very interesting and thought-provoking RPG  material

  • High & Dry RPG is a solo journal tabletop roleplaying game about being stranded on an island

  • The Golden Idol is a Tabletop Action and Adventure Game

  • Soft in the Head, Soft in the Heart - Soft Values RPG is a very experimentative, minimalistic poetry roleplaying game...

  • Ogygia is a game about an immortal trapped on an island paradise, with only the company of various travelers who always end up leaving.

  • The Wildsea RPG

  • A great article about well-traveled Viking woman

  • Over the Mountain is a very interesting one-page fantasy journaling roleplaying game played solo

  • Hodgepocalypse is a Beautiful Mess of an interesting RPG World Designing. Truly dig it on multiple levels.

  • Einstein on Free will and Imagination

  • An interesting article about star seeds people

  • The Ode to Number Pi

  • Self-aware Fish?

  • Birds, frogs, and reptiles program embryos

  • Time Reflections




Whatever You make (for this jam) keep your mind open like a floating island, and make whatever pleases You the most <3

wishes You, da curator of the Jam, Krisse Tuominen
Ps. I shall add some more links in the near future...