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Welcome to the first Theme Jam! (September)

This Jam's theme: ANTS

So hello everyone, and welcome to my first Theme Jam! In a Theme Jam, game devs, or game dev teams work together to make a themed game within 1 week! Then, the public has 3 days to vote on their favorite game!

The goal of this Jam is to make a game related to ants. They may be small, and unnoticed, but there are many game opportunities relating to them! Now, since ants are eusocial insects which build the equivalent of underground fortresses, the game will need to include some sandbox features. This can be implemented in custom building features, or even complete sandbox capabilities. The choice is yours. Everything inputted into the game must also be sourced within the Jam's 1 week creation period. No music, art, code, or anything else like that may come from before the Jam. The game must also have a meaning to it. Sometimes sandboxes are just where you do what you want and there's no point to them, but games entered into the Jam have to include some sort of goal, or mini goals, for the player to achieve. Even if it means just some sort of achievement system. The game's length is up to you. Another thing is, surprisingly, most people really don't know anything about the life of ants. So, I recommend doing some research on ants since within the past few years, ant keeping has blown up, and there is now a lot of reliable data on them to learn from.

Voting Criteria:

  • How "anty" is the game? (Primary)
  • How detailed is the game?
  • Did you enjoy the game?


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