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Thanks for hosting the jam!

A topic by KodingNights created May 18, 2022 Views: 78 Replies: 4
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It made me finally make the level editor I have wanted for years


I join in thanking the organizers. You are doing a useful thing!


A thank you from me, too. There were so many cool entries, especially those which are helping people with mental or physical problems in their lifes. And I did miss the rating deadline. Yesterday I was still voting on stuff ... now it is closed ... I still had some cool entries to look at :(


Yes, the voting period is a bit short… It will have to be extended for next year.


Thank you very much for your messages,

I don’t deserve much credit compared to all of you who probably spent more time on your tools than I did on organizing the jam. But I’m super happy with the reception the jam is getting and all the entries I’ve tried!