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Community Judgement END; Community WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT

A topic by AmalgamAsh created Aug 23, 2023 Views: 28
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Hello, participants!

The first judgement phase is complete, and I am very pleased to reveal the results of the community's top ranked game!
The community prize winner is In The End, by Kumachan!
This means that amongst the participants, who submitted, Kumachan's submission has scored the highest!
Kumachan will win the community prizes listed on the jam page:
...An official SGB DLC of their choice! SPONSORED BY SMILEBOOM!
...MelonToucan's SGB Expressions Pack ($7.50 value) AmalgamAsh voice pack of their choice!

Congratulations Kumachan on the win!

The JUDGE-RANKED GRAND PRIZE will now be decided.  Thank you for your patience while the last part of judgement is underway!

Because the JUDGE scores will outright replace the community scores, I am revealing the community scores below.  These will be overwritten with the judgement scores, so please consider these as they are, separate from judge-ranked scores.

Stay tuned for the next...and last...prize announcement!