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Community judgement ending soon!

A topic by AmalgamAsh created Aug 08, 2023 Views: 54 Replies: 3
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Hello folks!

I've been quiet here -- I apologize!

I've played through all the entries and now my judges are soing the same.   I'm very glad to have hosted this lovely event, and I thank SmileBoom very much for their wonderful sponsorship of prizes!

Speaking of!

The judgement period for the jam isn't over for some time, but I've realized that there is one glaring issue that I unfortunately haven't addressed fully since the last jam:  community judgement.  

This time, the judgement is split into two phases: a phase where participants judge the work of their peers (which was extremely successful the first two Summer jams) and a phase where myself and judges chosen by me judge entries.  There are two different prizes packages for each phase.

I'd like to encourage those who haven't rated other entries to do so.  Please, rate to your heart's content!  All entries have at least two ratings now,but with seven unique participants (not counting me), it would be ideal to see each entry have at least seven ratings (excluding mine, which is disqualified for obvious reasons)!

I do understand the problems that come with community judgement versus chosen panel, and chose to use this structure for THE END.  I hope all participants are able to articulate their feelings for the submissions using the star ratings provided to the best of their ability. 

I hope to honor the kind sponsorship by giving the prize to a winner that was rated fairly by many peers.

Once community judgement is done, the winner will be selected and judgement from judges will take over to determine the grand prize winner!

I hope participants can take advantage of judgement soon!  馃檹 

Any questions? Comments, concerns, suggestions?  Let me know here or in Discord!

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Thank you for the reminder!  I have a question: the end of judgement,

2023-08-21 00:00:00 CST, is that our deadline for rating each other's submissions? Or is that for your judges and our deadline is earlier? :)

I'm just asking so I can manage my time a little easier, I do honestly plan on rating every single entry! I just haven't had the time yet. 馃檲


this originally was the all-judgemwnt deadline.  However, the judges cannot provide legitimate ratings until the rating system has been analyzed while the community ratings are done @_@

This is a fault of mine for not scheduling the two phases separately to give a better expectation.  So, with this post, I am only asking that folks make sure to judge as they are able.  We will figure out the rest!


I see! Okay, I'll do my best 馃挭