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It's time for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, ISH.

I'm Ash, and I'm hosting a special jam.

In this jam, participants will submit a single map -- one made in RPG Developer Bakin!

That's right, it's the first-ever RPG DEVELOPER BAKIN MAP JAM!'s time for something mind-numbingly simple!  Or is it!?
Participants must submit one, SINGLE, map scene that they have created in RPG Developer Bakin.
Submissions will be explored on AmalgamAsh's channel in a special series that explored your creations in a casual and carefree way. 

There is no theme, and there are no prizes or rankings of any kind.  Just an open event to be a part of!

Here are the rules mixed lazily with information you might also like to know!:

-have fun making your map!
-map of any size! 2x2?  Sure, why not!  256x256?  Do it!  500x500?  Only if you know how!
-use any assets you wish (but what assets will affect how you submit!)
-include whatever events or NPCs you'd like, as necessary for the scene!
-static maps with no animations or events at all are fine!  Or plenty of NPCs walking around, great!  Whatever!
-Make a vast field, a beach paradise, a spooky house, a bustling city, a medieval hamlet, a beautiful forest, an abstract interpretation of Purgatorio -- anything you want, the Bakin world is yours!
-submit by simply saving the project and zipping the project file, if you're using the base game assets or the free DLCs only!
-if using any other assets, deploy the project and zip it - don't just submit the project file (or we may have asset complications)!
-it's YOUR map, I will only use it for the purpose of making a review / exploration video about it!
-Use whatever camera position or settings you deem most appropriate!  Or use several different camera settings depending on where the player goes in the map!

-No combat!
-No teleports to other maps!  Just one map!  ONE MAP!  ONE! MAP!
-Make sure you set the start position!
-I don't think I have to say this, but make sure your map is Safe For Work!
-No maps made in any other engine, it's the BAKIN map jam!

That's pretty much it.  I hope you're motivated to make a great map. :)

Jam starts on 2-10 and ends on 2-20, after which I shall begin exploration and commentary on the channel!

See you soon!



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Collect hidden treasure chests and save the day!
AllGood Map, a peacefull map created for Bakin Map Jam
Interactive Fiction
Classic Resident Evil Style camera system of a castle in RPGBakin!
The Ultimate AI Program
This is a demo level for ash's game jam. Feel free to grab it and see for yourself.
Role Playing
Just a quick map I threw together in about 15 minutes.