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the random jam

this is the random jam meaning that each time it is held there will be a different theme

this time the theme is animal related

i will add the what i'm looking for in the submissions details but first lets cover some ground rules


  1. game is only to be built when the jam has begun
  2. if you submit on the first day of the jam i will remove your submission (if you would like to know why i do this feel free to email me about it at
  3. this is more a suggestion then a rule but try to keep it at least m but i wont take it down if its higher than that but it would be appreciated
  4. all programming and art must be done by you or one of your fellow game devs if you are a group of devs the only exception to this is loyalty free music i don't mind if you have that but art and programming must be done by you
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A local multiplayer action puzzle
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