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Note: this was formerly called the Nonepub-Inspired Jam of Jamminess. I named it VERY quickly before our panel on game jams —Game Jams and Contests: Why They're AWESOME!— and changed it of my own volition; Nonepub had nothing to do with it. This is NOT an official Nonepub jam, nor is it associated with Nonepub in any way. But it IS inspired by Nonepub!

Inspired by our Game Jams & Contests: Why They're AWESOME! panel, here's a jam to practice with! The goal: literally just make any game at all! I'm a tabletop creator myself, but you're welcome to create any kinds of games: tabletop, digital, or whatever else you can invent!

The goal here is just to make something. Anything! It can be on a bookmark or in a tweet. It can be 500 pages long and make Gloomhaven look like Candyland. Or it can be somewhere in between, or bigger, or smaller, or whatever makes you happy!

I'll be streaming my progress and work on the jam, likely over the course of several days, but the first stream will be when this jam starts: 3pm eastern time on Friday the 3rd. The goal of this is to let you see that everyone struggles with ideas, and that everyone can do it! And I'll also be more than happy to answer any questions, either here in the community tab or during streams :D

The streams will happen at

And huge thanks to the other panelists as well, in alphabetical order below:

Theme Incoming!

These are all optional, so feel free to use whatever inspires you 🥳 

  • Primary Mechanic: Draw Multiple, Choose Fewer
  • Secondary Mechanic: Tableau Building
  • Theme: Cthulhu (or whatever you wanna do tbh cuz I'm not a Cthulhu fan myself either)
  • Victory Condition: Fewest Points (golf-style!)
  • Constraint 1: 52 cards or fewer

You've Got Questions? Here Are Answers!

Can I enter something I created before the jam?

This jam is for games that are finished during the jam period, even if you have it like 99.9% done and finish it up the day the jam starts. So if you started it but didn't finish it before the jam, absolutely! But please don't enter something that was 100% done before the am and you didn't do anything else with it since then.

Can I charge money for my game?

Heck yes you can! Typically people will either create community copies or make their game PWYW while a game is in a jam (through any rating period or a bit after a jam ends) so people can check it out and give feedback without paying. But, unless a jam says otherwise, it's certainly not required. When you create something, it has value! You should be proud of it! 🥳 

What isn't allowed in the jam?

Hate, racism, sexism, ableism, bigotry, any of the hurtful -phobias (like homophobia, transphobia, etc; things like triskaidekaphobia are okay and like... spiders are gross as heck but they're still allowed 🤣).

With that said, creating something that explores the feelings or aftermath of experiencing the above things is absolutely welcome.

Are late entries welcome?

Heck yeah they are! Just email me at and I'll send you a link! It can be a day late, a week late, or twenty years from now (but you'll have to remind me that it's this jam if it's that far in the future cuz I'm super forgetful 🤣)

Can I enter a game into this jam even if I put it into another jam?

Heck yes you can! In fact, the reverse is encouraged as well: game jams are an amazing source of inspiration. I actually have a list of concurrent game jams right here :D If a jam isn't listed, it's just because I wasn't personally interested or I missed it, not because it's a bad jam.

Here's a list of jams I found, in no particular order. If I find the time later to sort them out I'll do that :D I'm 99% sure all of these allow you to enter both this jam AND theirs with the same game 🥳🥳🥳 

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You feel like you have somniphobia because it's hard for you to sleep but finally sleep at 6:00am.
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There's nothing left to eat…
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You're a soul that needs to find the way to Heaven.
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Episodic storytelling game, trek the stars in this "i went to Japan once"-Hack
Role Playing
What if a castaway were to fall in love with the resident mermaid?
Visual Novel
A test subject's escape from its cell.
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Welcome to our furniture store's dresser section. Stay a while, stay forever!
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When two girlfriends, Elle and Vira, check out a new shop Elle mysteriously vanishes.
Interactive Fiction
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An Arcanauts Quest For Artefacts
A 2000s-style, fully customizable virtual pet game!