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Welcome to Neo Jam 2014

A testing ground for strange ideas!


What Exactly is Neo Jam?

The Neo Jam is an online game jam that was created to celebrate new and bizarre game ideas. It is open to anyone, from the most experienced veteran to complete newbies. The games will be voted based on the use of the main theme, sub themes, how fun it is (subjective to the player of course), and the use of its core mechanic(s).

What is Are Themes?

The main theme is The Cosmos.

The first optional sub theme is Radioactive.

The second optional sub theme is Peculiar Loot.

What are the Rules?

Below are the rules you must abide by during the jam.

|All content must be made during the 72 hours of the game jam.|

|Your game must incorporate the main theme. The sub themes are optional but recommended.|

|You can use any form of content creation and/or development tools to make your game|

|You can work solo or in a team.|

New to Game Jams?

Click Here for a list of (mostly) free programs you can use to make your game!

I Have More Questions!

If you have any more questions you can contact me at:


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