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Stoked For This

A topic by SeeksSoft created May 02, 2019 Views: 158 Replies: 3
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I loooooved monster-tamer media when I was younger, and the interest still lies dormant even into adulthood. I'd love to see what I can cook up for this; am pondering something similar to Digimon World 3 but with more-accessible opportunities to gain new beastly buddies.  Guess it helps that I once made a monster-tamer project in my youth... albeit ripping off my favorite video game monsters in the process. While I'm not overly experienced with making much progress in games, I still wanna give this a go when the time comes.


I'm looking forward to what you do. Good luck!

Hey hey. Rejoined the Jam if that's okay; wasn't feeling in a very good place when I left prior. Gonna stick to my original plans as I'd mentioned, a game inspired by Digimon World 3. :o


And I m glad to have you back! Can't Wait!