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Takeshi no Chōsenjō, more commonly known as Takeshi's Challenge, is commonly referred to as one of the worst games of all time.  But I think it's funny.  So I want to see what kind of games people can make, using any engine, that are in the spirit of Takeshi's Challenge.

For a better understanding of the game you can check out this: 

I've thought about it, and it seems like there are three main factors that make this game so interesting, and so these are the required themes for your game:

  • Open ended: Takeshi's challenge was incredibly innovative for its time by allowing you to do almost anything.
  • Specific solution: The way to progress through the game must be a series of events with little or no logical connections.
  • Difficult: The game was way harder than any sane person would be willing to put up with.

Other than that, its up to you.

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This game is terrifingly hard