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A topic by fluffy created Jan 31, 2017 Views: 286 Replies: 7
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As always, allow me to offer my services as a musician to others who want it. :)

That'd be so cool! (Does Twine allow for music to be played during different sections?) And would you want compensation? :D

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Yes, it does:



Ooh, I've never done music for a Twine game before. That seems like it'd be interesting!

I'd just want credit. Let me know what sort of genre you want and I'll start to think about it. :)

Thanks for the link!! And yeah, I was hoping to have like 2-3 songs (one for the introduction, one for the mission they go on, and one for the ~sexy times~). You'd definitely be credited, haha! Do you have skype/discord so we can talk more there?


I'm on discord yes, fluffy#8097

Please be aware that I am currently recovering from surgery so I'm kind of out of it a lot.


Would you be up for doing music for a VN?


Sure, let me know what sorts of styles and inspiration and such. I'm still recovering from a medical procedure, though, so my attention/time/energy are pretty limited right now.


No worries. Music would be awesome to have for the game but we can always add it later when you are feeling better as well. Its a VN where a bee is trying to seduce the sweet sweet nectar out of flowers. So very tongue in cheek, over the top kind of humor.

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