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Because I Can: AKA Moronis Makes A Furry Dating Sim

A topic by Moronis created Feb 14, 2018 Views: 643 Replies: 4
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look this is gonna be in twine, I am NOT gonna try and argue with Renpy or some other system this time around and I trust myself far more as a writer than I do as a programmer. That said, this is gonna be fairly basic as a dating sim, like, it's not gonna be  INSERT DOLLARS FOR SEX it's gonna be like... There's gonna be a timeline, it's visual novel type shit y'know? Like, each scene leads into the next kinda thing and you got choices to make? That's what I'm going for. I'm hoping I can find enough time to write out five characters for the dating but like minimum here there'll be at least one person with their route finished before the jam time's up.

First time doing smutty writing also so like... Y'know. Look forward to that. Also, as to why an Ace guy is doing a NSFW game jam, please look again at the title of the project.

As I have said to several people multiple times in the past, none can contain me and I am glorious for it.

do it, i trust you

i will love to see a NSFW furry dating sim, good luck friend!

i am sorry but I am dropping out at this point cause of personal reasons that basically add up to exhaustion preventing me from being able to work on this properly. again, apologies everyone.


No need to apologize. Taking care of your health and personal life is always important. Hope to see your project in the future!


Hey, don't worry about it.  :)  Nothing stopping you from picking it up later, or doing something else entirely.