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(NSFW) Are you a kinky enough role-play partner to satisfy the clients?
Submitted by weirdplant — 1 day, 4 hours before the deadline

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First day at a new job! So excited! Aaaaand I immediately got fired.

First day at a new job! So excited! Aaaaaaand I immediately got fired. Again.

First day at a new job! Take three. Kind of worried? Aaaaaand I didn't immediately got fired!

Not gonna lie, it's a little tricky for me to rate this game. I have a hard time judging it for what it is, instead of what I would extremely like it to be! I mean, if I had been born in the same year I first indulged in this kind of online play, I would still be just a few months shy of old enough to vote in US elections. And it's a style of fiction I really enjoy! If I could do it for a living, I'd do it all day long. So that kind of influenced my perception of the game, I think - I kept having trouble with it until I realized what it was looking for, and then I was fine, but I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed all the same.

That's totally on me, though, and not at all on you! I bumped all the ratings up one star to try to compensate for it. And if you keep working on the game, I'll be super interested to see what you come up with! Thanks so much for making it a thing! ❤


Neat little concept! I only played a few shifts 'cause the typing got tiresome after a bit, but there was certainly a lot of interesting variety. I have a feeling that this could be made really compelling with some tweaks, but I'm not quite sure what they would be.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Admittedly I was kinda expecting the 'suggestions' to be clickable, rather than have to write them out manually. I was good enough for one partner, but I wasn't a fast enough typer! 

I did like the huge range of different kinds of kinks and configurations and sex, too. :-} 


Heh! Maybe a difficulty slider based on typing speed would be a good idea. For what it's worth, the initial idea was a "sexy typing practice" game where you simply type out phrases as they float down the screen. Thanks for playing!


I would be super down for a "sexy typing practice" game! Have you seen Z-Type? Something not wholly unakin to that, maybe - on the one hand it'd offer a powerful incentive to keep practicing, and on the other, the conflict between wanting to play the game and wanting to enjoy the pretty art (if pretty art there be) would provide a challenge in its own right.

(I mean I do 100wpm without trying so maybe it should have a hardmode for goobers like me? But still! ❤)


It's so much more fun to see how fast you can turn OFF your clients, using the strangest prompts... This needs to be an official mode!


That's a silly idea. I'm thinking survival mode: The clients' satisfaction meters go up, and for whatever reason, you have to pick the things they don't like. If any one of them finishes, it's over!