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Story Jam is a game jam in which story, whether it be a short exposition or long narrative, is noticed for its influence on the game.  Once the jam starts, you have a week to create a game.  The game isn't expected to have a vast, large, and expanding narrative.  The game is expected to have a short exposition that plays a larger part in the rest of the game.   Example: Two best friends fall down into a cave and by working together they have to escape.  To beat levels, you have to use both of the characters.

The short story you come up with surrounding your game must be relevant to the theme given a day before the jam starts.


  • The game must have a short exposition or story aspect that plays a larger role in the mechanics.
  • If you use assets that aren't yours, you have to credit the original creator in the description.
  • By submitting, you agree  to possibly have your game featured in a YouTube video which summarizes the event.
  • No external programs, such as Scratch, can be used to developed.  Your game must be able to be compiled into an executable file.


The winner will have their game featured in the YouTube video summarizing this game jam which will release after the voting period.  They will also be credited as the winner with all future Story Jams.



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