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"emulating the medium"

A topic by NWin created Apr 23, 2017 Views: 143 Replies: 2
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Are you saying normal cg animation is fine, just with it being frame by frame / not keyframe based?


Hey NWin!,

Yeah that's fine, You don't have to use stop motion animation in your game/visual experience but there are ways to emulate it within modern cg animation pipelines.

Most computer animation programs tween and blend animations for crisp and realistic visuals but with stop motion frame by frame pictures are taken of a representative physical model, regular cg animation is totally okay to use but if you're going for a stop motion aesthetic staggering your keyframes frame by frame style.

Example post of someone trying to achieve this in Unity3D

Art and shaders can be used to emulate the medium beyond animation as well

As long as your jamming and making something either based, inspired, or strewn from Stop Motion influence you need not worry about specifications!


My boy and I have done a mix of digital/analog animations. We used paper cutouts with individual pieces making up our characters and other objects, and positioned them digitally, exporting each changed position as a new frame. It's been tedious to the max, but it looks really cool. A whole lot better than I had originally thought it might. (unfortunately, we haven't gotten as much done as I'd hoped. too much time in the details.)