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On Feb. 24, 2022 Russia declared an unprovoked war on Ukraine and launched a full-scale invasion. Russia is currently bombing peaceful Ukrainian cities, including schools and hospitals and attacking civilians who are fleeing conflict zones. During the first days of the war, millions of refugees have been forced to flee Ukraine and the situation for civilians is rapidly deteriorating. Ukraine and its people urgently need your help.

Stand With Ukraine Jam is a two-month-long jam, that attracts attention to the war in Ukraine. The only condition for participation in the game jam - your game should contribute to one of the areas:

  • Raising awareness of military events in Ukraine and crimes committed by the Russian army.
  • Promoting Russia's economic boycott. Refusal to buy energy in Russia.
  • Boycott companies operating in Russia.
  • Attracting humanitarian aid for the civilian population of Ukraine.
  • Opposition to Russian propaganda.
  • A call to governments to support the Ukrainian army with modern weapons.
  • Assistance to ukrainian refugees.
  • Psychological assistance to the civilian population in the war zone and psychological support for ukrainian refugees.
  • And other important areas.

You can also join one of the groups (Discord or Telegram), where you can ask any questions about the jam or find a team member.

If you have completed your game or prototype - please publish your game on, use tags: standwithukraine and standwithukrainejam; and notify the organizer of the jam ( Please also use hashtags (#standwithukraine and #standwithukrainejam) on social networks to quickly identify your game. contains practical information and tips for how citizens of foreign countries can help Ukraine with their donations and by raising public awareness and pressuring their governments to take action.

Stand With Ukraine Jam is organized by Martian Teapots digital art studio. The jam partners were: Sumy State University, Department of Economic Cybernetics, Institute of Business, Economics and Management, SSU, SSU E-Sports Center, NGO "Center for Lifelong Learning".


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Interactive Fiction
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Co-op ukrainian-friendly survival adventure
Navigating through sound
2d horror browser shooter
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Some watched too much propaganda television and decided to wage war in a foreign country
A modern warfare simulator.
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Fast-paced action about destroying putinists in deep space