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The official theme for 2020 is: "In the Flesh"

OCTOBER 8: THEME ANNOUNCEMENT TONIGHT! (6:30pm CST US) Join the discord and check the accounement channel for a link to Zoom. Video will be posted after the meeting. Get hype, nerds.

Insert Game [Here] and Global Game Jam have grown exponentially as access points to game development in the summer and winter, but what if you had an itch in your skeleton to make something new this fall? The UNO Criss Library Creative Production Lab and RHO Interactive are serving a second helping of Halloween flavored game jam sweets dedicated to easing new designers into the challenge of game design. As always, we are 100% FREE!

We welcome first time game developers! Designers, artists, musicians, programmers, voice actors, hobbyists, educators, anyone and everyone is welcome to try their hand at making a game. Participants should bring anything needed to make your own video or physical game. If video games aren't your thing or access to hardware is an issue, you're encouraged to test the waters by making a board game!

We’re announcing the theme 1 WEEK EARLY to give you ghouls a chance to settle on a solid idea and carve up the beginning of your work. The first night of the jam, everyone is given an opportunity to pitch their idea or budding project and assemble a team for the weekend.

Join the Discord server:

Anyone can participate, as long as they are over the age of 18. More information and registration can be found at submission window is open from 7pm Friday until the event ends at 7pm on Sunday.

Thursday October 8th, the secret theme will be dropped on the discord and live during the OGDA monthly meetup. Participants are free to work or not work on their game for the entire time leading up to the weekend proper.

Friday October 16th, everyone checks in by video on the current status of their game and gets the opportunity to pitch their idea or project in an effort to get additional team-members on board for the last 48 hour push. 

Saturday October 17th is Spoopy Crunch Time.  Everyone is given the entire day and evening to work on their games alongside a fully active discord. Chat. Check in. Eat candy.

Sunday October 18th teams are given time to polish their game before the zoom meeting is open to the public for trick-or-treat presentations of work. 7pm deadline for submissions.


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Your uncle, Bob, is a zombie fighting zombie. Spread a flesh exploding disease and fight back the undead.
Play in browser
Build your own zombies out of the flesh of your enemies, and make them fight for you!
A cooperative boardgame for friendly parasites. Take over a host or die trying!