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Composer here!

A topic by Mauro Pantin created Oct 12, 2016 Views: 183 Replies: 2
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Hey guys! Just a quick message to let everyone know that I am a music composer and I would love to create custom tailored music to any of the games that are made during the jam.

I've been writing "traditional" music (rock, pop, funk, etc) for some time now but I am just starting with composing specifically for video games. I am particularly interested in adaptive music and the posibilities it offers for creating a unique and dynamic experience. Hit me up if any of you would like some help in that department!

I am aware that there is the option of using Kevin MacLeod's music, as it is listed on the resources. But I tought you guys would appreciate having the music taken care of for the same price (free, that is) but in a custom tailored fashion.


This is great, thankyou! I've added you to the resources page :)

Thank you so much! I'll make sure to upload a few samples before the jam begins in case anyone's interested.