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Slow Jam 2017!  

This Jam will be a little different. Instead of the short sprint like most jams, we will be doing a slow burn jam over the span of two months running from August 23rd, all the way up to our 1 year anniversary meeting on October 18th. We will not assign you groups, we will not assign a topic.  The only thing we ask for is a representative from each game to present at the September meeting as an update, and then demo their game at the 1 year meeting. This is your chance to finally make that demo you’ve been putting off. Your chance to show off some of the stuff you’ve learned. Your reason to get up and do something.

Wednesday, August 23 at our meeting, we will have time in which people can pitch an idea that they would like help with. Any idea that you want to pitch is a valid idea. Board game to digital. If no one joins your group don't feel bad. Prove them wrong that your idea rocks! Go at this challenge in a group, go at it solo. It doesn't matter. We just want to see our awesome group members doing what they love. I know my group will be meeting at coworker night to work on our stuff. However you can work from anywhere on yours.

TLDR: 2 month game jam with no constraints. Work solo, work together. Present status update in September and final in october. Any questions feel free to comment or PM

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