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Simple Tools Jam!

Simple Tools Jam is a jam for making a game out of simple tools.


Why not? There is a vast array of free utilities that are publicly available to the masses.  


Use simple tools. For example, for art use MS Paint, use notepad for coding, use vocals only for sound effects. 

Because of this, 3rd party assets are not allowed. 

If you want to use anything that is similar/ a copy of an existing thing, follow the ludum dare rulings on "Derivative Works".

The rules are not extremely strict. This Jam's purpose is to challenge yourself, not to make your dev time painful.

Community Benefits

This Jam will benefit the community by showing new/prospective game developers that you don't need to buy that fancy program in order to make a good game. This jam is for showing people that a game isn't necessarily made with the best technology but with the best heart of developers. 


The pride of making a game in tough conditions and seeing how it does in public.


If you need timely help, you can contact me on twitter.

If it can take some time, use the community forums for this jam.

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Play note cards to build sequential triad chords!
A 16KB big game for four game jams.
A game for one Cover with handdrawn graphics.
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