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Is this cute? Cute pictures thread

A topic by Cap_H created Jul 16, 2017 Views: 532 Replies: 3
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Hey, let's share our pictures and comment on them.

I'll probably continue to work on Chester, a project I made some artworks for and never started working on the game itself. It was supposed to be a friendly game about colonialism. It's more about meeting new people (boxes in this case) and learning to be a better chest.

I got more, but I need to find the rest on a external drive.


I dig it ! Not typically cute but cute enough for this jam- and certainly interesting! Love the name pun!


The sad pot has a nice design :)
With some cleaner and determined lines it could all be very cute. Keep in mind that simplifying and exaggerating certain qualities makes things cuter

Thank you both.

Yeah, I wouldn't use them like this, I plan to change them in something more refined.

And this thread is for everyone. Don't be afraid and post your cute pictures.