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Actual bundle plans/thoughts Sticky

A topic by CannibalInteractive created Dec 13, 2020 Views: 217 Replies: 5
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So I'm guessing we'll end up with between 25 and 50 participants by the time the jam closes, and since it's getting closer to time it's worth talking about this.

I'm intending to go through everything once submissions close and cut the number of participants for the bundle to 20 or 25, and sell the bundle for $20. I want to make sure every developer is at least getting some appreciable amount from each sale. Also, since I can't do fractions of percentage points I'll have to keep it to a cleanly divisible number, so some amount of trimming just has to happen. I'll also go through and cut out the blank pages and such that people seem to just submit to jams at the end, so don't worry about reporting things like that.

For the timeline, I'm thinking two weeks, maybe Dec. 20 to Jan. 3? Having a good window of time is important, and letting people buy before Christmas for a gift or pick it up after that or New Years with any holiday money they get is good to do.

I'm also debating what to actually name the bundle when the time comes. Maybe "Second Chance Showcase" or something? I'm not opposed to making it holiday themed, but we're not exactly looking for holiday-themed games here.

Anyway, any thoughts or input is appreciated, as this is the first year I'm trying to do this kind of thing, and making this a yearly thing is something I'm mulling over.


I honestly think sticking with naming it "The Shorter Games With Worse Graphics" bundle or something like that would act as a good hook and help it get notice.  With a bundle it would be pretty easy to fade into the background of all the other indie bundles out there, and I think tying it to something recognizable would help.


I agree.


I agree as well.  This name is self explanatory and will set the expectations of the customers too. 

One of the problems with the famous black lives bundle was that the quality, finished state, and length of games and content varied so much that to more "regular" customers they just came away from the itch marketplace really confused.  I think filtering what makes the cut, and being flat out honest with the bundle name is a good idea.  Like you said it also sticks out from the usual flood of "whoever's holiday sale".


I agree as well. the name is a excellent hook 


i also agree with keeping the name as a hook too. and making it a yearly thing would be great!