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This jam is all about space and sci-fi
Whether your game may include an alien invasion, planet discovery, star-gazing, or 
being stranded in space, this jam hopes to challenge the creativity of all
visual novel developers with this short  and exciting activity!
Any and all participants are welcome to produce a small VN for this jam!

• Must be a visual novel or text-based adventure.
• You may use any engine to create your game!
• Must involve the theme in some way.
• You may start scripting and producing assets, however in the spirit of the
jam, the bulk of the work should be produced within the jam's timeline!
• Word-count recommendation is no greater than 5,000.

• This jam lasts for 13 days: July 19th-August 1st
• Anyone who successfully submits a game will earn a puzzle piece!
• There is no voting, so remember kids, everyone is a winner!
#sftsjam is the social media hashtag, in case you would like to post updates.
• All entries will be played in a stream party on the  DevTalk+  discord server.


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A gatekeeper of the elevator to the moon meets a girl without papers
Visual Novel
Go to a museum with your grouchy boyfriend.
Visual Novel
Play in browser
Roadtrip across the universe and create the most delicious jam!
Visual Novel
A romantic comedy about a human explorer who meets a stingy alien boy!
Visual Novel
A bitter janitor's search for redemption among stars.
Visual Novel
A girl and an alien meet on a quiet beach.
Visual Novel
An epistolary visual novel about a missing child and the Lady of the Moon.
Visual Novel
the last stars lived in your eyes
Visual Novel
The truth is a dangerous thing, dear viewer
Visual Novel
After an ambush, General Adria visits the medbay to talk to the one member of her team that got hurt.
Visual Novel
Short story about an alien invasion that never happened.
Visual Novel
Light drama on a spaceship. Written for a game jam.
Visual Novel