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Time to Strike it Hard!

Signups for random teams will close at 12:00pm on the day the strike begins!

When the school goes on strike, make games until they stop! The Sheridan Strike Jam is a special Game Jam that will take place entirely during the teachers strike, allowing us students to make the most of our free time.

Will we be working for only a few days? Or maybe an entire month? Who knows if the teachers are striking then we are jamming, but lets hope we won't be doing it for too long.


  • The jam will begin as soon as the strike starts, and end on midnight the day before we return to classes.
  • There is no specific theme.
  • Teams may be any size.
    • If you do not have a team, you have the option to work solo or be assigned to a randomly generated team.
      • Should you chose to be on a random team, your team will be assigned the day that the strike is confirmed.
  • Submissions may be digital or physical.


When will the Jam Start?

The Jam will officially start when / if the strike happens, the start date listed is only an estimate based on what is known and is subject to change.

When will the Jam End?

The jam will end on 8am of the day we return to classes.

What if the Strike lasts less than a week?

The submissions will be due at midnight the night before we return regardless. 

But it isn't such a bad thing, it means we get back to class!

What if the Strike won't happen at all?

Then the Game Jam will become Reading Week Jam and be moved to span the reading week.

Can we submit more than one game?


Some Tips for Jamming

Don't know where to start? Here are some tips.

  • Plan scope for a week. If it lasts less, cut content. If it lasts longer, add content.
  • Spend a day planning and designing. Sleep on the idea before committing.
  • Prototype fast. Greybox everything.

Contact an Organizer

  • Sebastian Scaini
    • Email:
    • Discord: Sebastian Scaini#8059
    • Twitter: @sebastianscaini
  • Khan-ali Ibrahim (KXI System)

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