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Jam entry for Shape Jam II: Art Edition ~ Part 1: Shapes [8 Bits to Infinity]
Submitted by donnadie — 1 day, 21 hours before the deadline
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Phaser game engine

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Cool concept. but I wish more happened as you progressed. I stopped at the above with half my health still. The challenge felt good for the first 10 or so levels but after that it just felt the same. I think if it was something like you only have a few levels to get as many points as possible, that would encourage riskier play. Fun idea, I think it just needs more past the first handful of stages. 


I like the idea of controlling three characters at once! Very few games seem to be based on multitasking, so it was refreshing to play this. At first it was challenging because I wasn't sure what to do, but when I understood, it became rather easy. Particularly since I had no incentive to use any of the other buttons than JKL. After the first confusion I think the first time I took a hit was on level 18. Not sure if the game was getting more difficult or I was losing focus. It should definitely be harder so there's a slight 'panic' and a likely chance to lose. Not sure if the right way to do this would be to make the game faster, or to force players to use the other keys than left/right movement, or by putting some new types of obstacles/enemies (e.g. enemies coming from behind or going across the screen horizontally).

There's a weird bug - if I get out of focus on the browser, I can't return to the game (it doesn't register inputs). I got to level 27 and had to stop there due to this bug. Usually you can just click the game window to return, but even that didn't work here.


This was an interesting idea.  I wasn't able to understand the instructions before I started playing the game, just because I didn't know what to expect.  Maybe some pictures on the instructions page would help.  Also sometimes at the beginning of a level it would ignore the keys I was hitting.  Once I got the hang of it, it was a pretty solid experience. Good job.


Wow, this takes a ton of coordination to play, very intense.
Sometimes it seems to eat the first inputs in each new level which is slightly annoying.
I think that I would make

the left/right lane movement a bit quicker and have a bit less health so the game is a bit more fast paced and you fail more often.