This jam is now over. It ran from 2018-04-30 04:00:00 to 2018-09-04 04:00:00. View results

This jam is not officially affiliated with Sheridan College.


Welcome to the (unofficial) Sheridan College Summer Jam! This jam helps by acting as a deadline for summer projects, as well as a place to compare games once the break is over! 

Feel free to submit anything made during the jam time, from personal projects to jam games to professional works.

Because it is to insentivise completing summer projects, the jam has no theme.

The jam will run from now until August 31, followed by a rating period throughout September. The rating period will end just in time for the Night of the Living Devs event.


How long is the jam?

The jam is running from May 18th (although any games from April 30th onward are allowed) and ends on August 31st.

Can I work with a team?

Yes, teams of any size are allowed.

Are there any restrictions on tools?

No restrictions, you can use whatever you want.

Can I submit more than one game?

Yes, you can submit as many as you want within the jam time.

Will there be rankings?

Yes, the jam will be ranked. The rating period will be the month of September after the jam ends.

Contact an Organizer

  • Sebastian Scaini
    • Email:
    • Discord: Sebastian Scaini#8059
    • Twitter: @sebastianscaini


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So you think you can make it as an artist?
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Turns images into music!
Where am I going to put all these lemons?
Fame doesn't come cheep, henny.
Fall in love with an alien in space.
We have taken control of your Cathode Mark 1.
Help Geckle escape the dungeon!
Box with your bear hands.
Hustle some hunks out of the dungeon.
A game where you escort a king to this castle, dont let him down.
It's your wedding. You lost the rings.
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