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Recreation of “Surviving a Pandemic”.View project page

Realistic recreation of Simon Stålenhag’s artwork, “Surviving a Pandemic”.
Submitted by chloeeemegan — 36 minutes, 57 seconds before the deadline

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Recreation of “Surviving a Pandemic”.'s page


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Research & development#123.6003.600

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  • Love the personality and choice of materials and color palette, great choice of concept. The mood really comes across nicely.

    The technical department could use some work, though. Some of the models seem to be pretty high-poly (like the roof and the telephone pole), especially when these could have the detail coming from textures. Another thing I noticed is that the UVs are pretty unoptimized, you could've probably gotten away with putting some on the same texture set to preserve memory. The material choice is good, but they need a bit more definition and work. The metal and stone have a very noisy and bumpy normal map to make them seem worn, which kind of interfere with the way the material is supposed to look like. Instead to make it look more worn, edge damage could have given it a much cleaner feel despite being worn. 

    Overall love the concept, lighting and how you portrayed it but the other parts I mentioned needs a bit of improvement.

  • could have done better with UV optimisation

  • I think you've done a nice job of creating the concept. A bit of time on a good Sky box would have helped sell the scene better as a whole, but that can be added later. I think a little more work on substance materials to make them more interesting would help you take a step up. Nice Job

  • Working from a piece of concept art can be tricky, as that extra dimension can involve having to extend and expand on things the original concept either didn't show or obscured, whilst still remaining faithful to it.  This is a well executed example of that, and the artist has clearly gone to some lengths get the 'feel' of the concept down.  The technical abilities on show are also impressive, resulting in a piece of work that is refreshingly different from a lot of 3D environment work.

    I think an addition of a low detail background (as in the concept) would really help ground the environment, it's feeling a touch 'floaty' right now.  Also, depth of field is very tricky to get right - it can often just make things look like miniatures.  Personal taste perhaps, but I think this work would look better without it.

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