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Roman Market - John TranterView project page

Search for a Star 2018
Submitted by Tranterj2 — 3 hours, 8 minutes before the deadline

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Roman Market - John Tranter's page


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Research & development#183.2003.200

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Judge feedback

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  • Some details make the scene feels a bit too "CG", like the stones and pavement rows. It's too well aligned, that would need some offset, some more variation.

    The ivy feels too rigid. It nees more variation of size, rotation, colors and density.

    Good assets and good scene setup. It's good quality art overall. You'd just need to work on the details, the shaders and polish everything for a few more hours.

  • I liked the basis for this, and the execution is good but just missing "something" for me to push it into excellent.

    Pre-Pro - Early work showed you'd thought hard about composition and structure, I felt you made a bunch of good calls such as restricting and redeveloping your scene to remove large spaces. You had a consistent theme in mind which shows. And how you've approached it seems to be in a good direction.

    UE4 work - You used Unreal engine well and approached the vertex maps and blending well.

    Work on,,,
    I worry you hamstrung yourself with the Decision to go modular in the time frame and so your method to build up the modular kit needed a bit of work. Things like the doors and windows ended up feeling stuck on and didn't fit the architecture that you'd researched.  More time researching how to create modular assets would be worthwhile here.

    Consistency - Across the scene your scale and textures jump around a little. The main door feels huge and made of one wood, the window and upstairs door another material, the size of bricks and tiles around the scene seemed to jump up and down in places..

    Execution of overall scene assets felt a little flat in places, you picked very structured models and they all feel too clean because of the structure. I don't suggest blanket dirt (that would be a mistake) But roughing up the scene, adding interesting dirt/damage, blending the texture values a bit to create a cohesive texture sets. Adding models that break up the larger flat areas, Adding more detail in silhouette making features.

    Tiling - in the Bricks texture was very obvious as an example, but should be solvable with a little more time.

    The scene is good but need a bit more time spent on it to make it a portfolio piece. I'd focus on the big areas first, making the modular aspects work well together, study some architecture and  have a look at how Doors and windows are made and structured. Modular construction needs to support Architectural rules not break them to fit a grid etc.

  • best cobblestones by far;)

  • Looking through your documentation it’s well written and explains your process throughout the development of your scene in depth with your ideas, production workflow and personal feedback to yourself into what to improve. In the pre-production stage of the project I feel you made the right decision to make the scene smaller to make it feel more populated and lived in. While explaining your research it would of been nice to see some more images based on the scene/objects.

    Your production skills are at a high level and will pay off when working in the games industry. Your workflow and texture development in modular and tileable textures work hand in hand with one another to give perfect seamless environment. You’ve managed to break the scene up well with the use of many different techniques such as vertex paint,decals and objects placed in certain positions etc. With every asset in the scene you’ve put 100% work effort and together it pays off. The scene is consistent. Overall a solid project and well presented I would agree with your own personal feedback on the project where I would suggest adding more objects to the scene to populate it that little bit more, While also look into lighting in more depth as at the minute the lighting is a little flat but with some tweaks could really make this project shine even more.  

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