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Are there more conditions?

A topic by DireBoarGames created 58 days ago Views: 122 Replies: 2
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I am now deep in process of making a sci-fi adventure game. And it has horror elements.

However, my game is:

1) Paid

2) Being long in development

3) Not finished, I want to upload Beta to jam, as soon as I finish beta testing.

Will I be allowed to send it to jam?


Hi, thanks for getting in touch! 

The jam generally doesn't have strict requirements, however in the spirit of a game jam format it's generally perferred that games will be made for the jam during the jam period, at most integrating minor/structural parts of an earlier engine/project. This is to encourage people to share their dev experiences, learn/try something new, and put the games on a more equal footing (although the competitive aspect of this jam is relatively light).

Due to vote brigading this jam has a voting system that is open only to other participants - for that reason if the game is limited to those that pay for it, there may not be too many people voting and interacting with it.

I hope that answers your question! Best of luck with the larger project that you're working on.

Thank you for your answer. Good luck with the jam!