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"Spooky Scary" An awesome adventure game

A topic by Socket Studios created Dec 06, 2018 Views: 238 Replies: 7
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Spooky Scary's development crew (Me) has been slacking off for a while and don't really feel like coding the game. So I am going to tell you what to expect!

Spooky Scary is a game made for scream season (This is obvious) and is about a skull finding it's body. The game starts out simple with you choosing a direction you want to go and easy fights, but as you progress the game gets harder. When you find your last body part (Right arm) there will be a boss fight, this fight will need all of the attacks you gained while finding the rest of your body (More body parts=more attacks)

The game will also have 8-bit Spooky Scary Skeletons playing on a loop while you try to find your body, people who have helped Toast Studios will be put into the game as Easter eggs or fights. There will be a total of 5 bosses (Ribcage, arms, and legs) that you will need to fight in order to complete the game! That is really all the info I have on the game so now I will share a screenshot.


Recent Development Log: The game is going very well.. The fights might be a little hard to code but I am getting there. About 2,000 bits and bobs of code are in the game and its not even close to being finished! I hope you like it or else I am going to be mad about wasting time and energy.

What language are you using? 



I meant what computer language?




Sadly due to pretty much everything, Spooky Scary won't be finished until (Predicted) after the rating ends ;-;


Well I think this game is never going to be complete