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Programmer looking for 2D artist and musician

A topic by Alberto Ramos created Apr 09, 2020 Views: 226 Replies: 9
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Hello! I'm Alberto, will do anything Unity related (coding included) and would like to make a team with an artist and a musician/sound designer. I have experience making games (mostly in other jams) and I'm a big horror nerd.

Anyone interested? :D

Hey. So my brother is a really good artist, depending on the art style we go for, and I have been doing music and sound design for a couple of years. We might be able to work with you.

Hey! Sounds great. I was thinking pixel art but really any style your brother is comfy with will be great. How about you talk to me via discord? You guys may create a channel and invite me if you like: Aramos#8887

Hey, sorry we weren't able to contact you. Things kinda got crazy over the last couple of days. Would you want to do another jam with us in the future? We just saw the time left and we don't know if we can fit it in our schedule now.

I'm always on the lookout for jams that catch my fancy, would be great to do something with you two! Regarding this jam, I didn't find a teammate and started doing a little something that might or might not try to end up being something :D

That's cool. Yeah, I'm currently working on an indie game myself, so I can write music, do audio, program in basically Python (cuz I use Godot), and try to make pixel art. lol

That's awesome. I try to do projects every now and then although right now (for over a month) I've hit a bit of a motivation ditch and can't seem to get anything done. Hoping that it goes away soon to stay productive asap!

Yeah. I totally feel that. The entire month of February this year I couldn't work at all! It's tough. If you wan't any inspiration, I'm glad to help. Check out my games on itch (especially Vanquished, that's my current project.) There you could find my Youtube and Discord server. I really hope to help out with your motivation, and you can get some ideas from my game!

hey alberto, I'm a composer and sound designer. Still don't have any portfolio related with games, but you can check out my productions at
I can send you some other tracks more game's style that I made if you're interested. I'm hungry to work in this jam! peace!

Hey Rafael, thank you for posting! If for some reason I can't do it with StraightUpGruntled I'll send you a message :-)