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Hello . . I love horror games, what are the rules . .

A topic by jbb79 created Apr 08, 2020 Views: 289 Replies: 7
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I read on front-page them is ' machine ', I was wondering if there is a main theme, it says this is ' extra - theme ' . . .

Blood, puke and, guts <3 <3

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A pair of cold, dead eyes peer out from the darkness, deep within the writhing, mechanical mess, it looks at the human world, hates it . . . So much organic matter, so much sickness, and death . . . Old mechanical parts slide into place, as the Janus-machine # 04c jumps into motion, and walks into the streets, looking for organic ' life-forms ' to end, to mutilate . .

It has picked a random stranger, oil fills it's mind with deep hate, rage, and spite, rusted gears grind on each other, deep in it's spine and, bowels . . On the surface, it looks human, but for the merciless, calculating eyes, and posture . . . The random stranger is you, and your family . . After tonight, nothing will be the same, including you <3 <3 :) :)

Hi hi !! <3

Horror rocks, Dead Space changed me, was my first REAL scary game, want more . . . .

:) <3 <3

Anyway, I was trying to make a psychological profile of serial-killers, in the story, about Dracula, Hellish minds and, souls . . .

Vampires are good horror material, they kill, with no remorse, no decency . . .

World needs more horror, everything else is just ' boring ' . . :D <3 <3

Jam Host (1 edit)

Hey! To answer your question, the jam is generally horror themed and it's expected games will follow the spirit of the jam, but the optional theme of the jam is 'machine' - which can be interpreted however jammers like!


Do you have a youtube channel, or a place where I can see a video of what others have made :)) <3 <3


You can find a list of the past jams (and browse through their entries) here

As far as YouTube videos, yes! Here are two streams by the hosts:

Scream Stream 2018

Scream Empire

And here are two I did.

Scream Solstice:

Scream Stream 2019: (This was a three-parter due to how many entries there were. That's a horror jam on Halloween for you.)

There may be others, but they haven't been posted in the Discord. Which you can find here, if you haven't joined

Jam Host

This is a great response - thanks naver!


Okay, I can't wait . . This is awesome, I made a vampire . .

And, some demons <3 :D