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Come one, come all to jam in the way of the irish, this is a simple game jam hosted by Untitled Studio where you make a game somehow related to Saint Patrick's Day.




  1. Make a game revolving around luck.
  2. Add some form of currency.
  3. Incorporate a combat system based off of pinching.


The games will be voted on :

  • Art
  • Uniqueness
  • Style
  • Music
  • Gameplay

+ Bonuses


  •  Include an 'Easter' Egg to upcoming holidays or pop culture
  • Include an out of place Scot (extra if named Willeh)


As this is the first jam there are no cash prizes, yet that doesn't mean there aren't any.

  1.  A choice between of the prizes. (Pick 2 only!)
  2. A Download Key to any upcoming games by AntiMakes or Untitled Studio's contributing members.
  3. A slot as an NPC or name in a game.
  4.  Design an emoji in the Untitled Studio Discord.
  5. A picture of one of my cats.

Fear not loser, the person who 'wins' last place will receive a special 'Seal of Approval' PNG to overlay a game's cover image or screen shot.

Also 1 random person (not the winners or the loser)  will get a custom asset!

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A TTRPG about folksongs and drinking
Hoards of gang members in a rival leprechaun gang come to get your pot of gold