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In this Jam we aim to create an adaptation of Moon Patrol (wikipedia, play online, video, video)) in the style of a visual artist.

Mark RothkoLink
Leonora CarringtonLink
Sergio CamargoLink
Leonardo Da VinciLink
Donald JuddLink
Miriam SchapiroLink
Lyubov PopovaLink
Max ErnstLink
Beatriz MilhazesLink
Maggi HamblingLink
Eva HesseLink
Georges BraqueLink
Lee BontecouLink
Emma BennettLink
MC EsherLink
Hieronymus BoschLink
Roy LichtensteinLink
Pieter Bruegel the ElderLink
Tauba AuerbachLink

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A student WIP game inspired by the works of Banksy and Moon Patrol.
A student project inspired by Moon Patrol & Leonora Carrington
A comic book side scroller inspired by Roy Lichtenstein.
a game inspired by the works of Lee Bontecou
Moon Patrol Remix
An Abstract Side-Scrolling Runner
Visual Novel
A tribute to the original atari's Moon Patrol, with inspirations from Max Ernst's art