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Welcome to Sacrifice's first Game Jam! The goal is simple: invite other creators (first-timers or veterans alike) to create gameable material for Sacrifice - an Incense & Iron RPG. This can be anything, from new starting occupations, scenarios, and places to investigate, to rules, adaptations, or anything you can think of! Submissions can take any form you want, too: pamphlet, single page, zine, full-blown 666 pages book...

This Game Jam will run for two months, to allow people to come up with ideas and bring them into existence. 

Remember that you're free to sell or distribute any material you create! Just make sure you attribute Sacrifice to Blackoath Entertainment, and we're good!

Have fun! Now let's go make some evil priests and demonic stuff!

Feel free to use the following compatibility logo!

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A beginning adventure for unbranded adventurers.
A short supplement adding firearms, two new backgrounds, and more to Sacrifice!